Connecting USB through JP2/3?

XEM3010 allows to feed power from the JP2/3 connectors instead of the DC power jack (good).

Can the same be done for the USB connection?

Motivation: the XEM3010 is mounted on a motherboard and is not accessible from the device’s panel.



Hi Kam–

The USB lines are not “alternately accessible” on any of our products. This is primarily due to signal integrity concerns with the USB signals. For something like this, you would need to run a single set of USB signals to the destination to avoid stubs and other “bad” layout practices for high speed signals.

We have made custom versions of our boards that fill such requirements, though. For example, we built a version of the XEM3001 that fits into a cPCI backplane and feeds the USB signals through there.

Alternatively, you can remove the USB connector and solder directly to the board. If you can tolerate the lead time to our next production run, we could build a certain number of boards without the USB connector for you.

Thanks for the response,

I will try to move things around and squeeze it near the front panel.