ConfigureFPGA() return value?

Does the boolean return value represent success/failure? This function seems to behave strangely. In some instances the function returns true but at other times it returns false; even when loading the same configuration file. It appears that the configuration works ok and I now disregard this value. Is there a consistent way to verify proper FPGA configuration; or am I doing something wrong that might cause this to happen?

Which version of the FrontPanel SDK are you using?

If you’re using the latest (1.4.x), please read the announcement here:

Thank you. I have upgraded the software but failed to read the readme :slight_smile: . I will take a look.

hi all,

I noticed that in the included java example ( the code thinks that ConfigureFPGA() is returning a boolean, but it’s really returning an int. If you want to use this example you should change “false == ConfigureFPGA(blah)” to “0 != ConfigureFPGA(blah)”. Perhaps this could be fixed in a later version of the CD? Also the use of Byte.parseByte() is quite wrong. I can post a fixed version of the code if anybody wants me to.