ConfigureFPGA Java returns "Timeout" error code

Below is the test case, which returns “Timeout” for XEM6310-LX45

package com.genapsys.device.fpgaDriver;

import com.opalkelly.frontpanel.okCFrontPanel;
import org.junit.Test;

public class FPGAConfigureFPGATest {
okCFrontPanel dev;
okCFrontPanel.ErrorCode error;

public void testGetInstance() {
    dev = new okCFrontPanel();
    error = dev.ConfigureFPGA("/opt/genapsys/lib/v31.0/fpga_top.bit");


Does our included Java sample ( work? Does your example work with a different bitfile? What operating system are you using? Which version of FrontPanel are you using? Can the FrontPanel Application load the bitfile you are trying to load?

The doesn’t work for me. As i see it, it tries to load the bit file des.bit in the below line. this bit file is not found in the Samples or any other folder. Can you send this bitfile?

We are using FrontPanel SDK (v4.5.5 - 2016-03-21 - Latest)

Secondly, I’m sorry this is my first time deep diving to frontpanel, i see four icons on the frontpanel.
how to load the bitfile using the frontpanel? Can you send across the instructions?


I downloaded the des.bit from the pins, placed it in the same folder and ran the DESTester java application. Here is the output.

genmac-15:DES kguda$ javac -classpath okjFrontPanel.jar
genmac-15:DES kguda$ java -classpath .:okjFrontPanel.jar DESTester e inputfile outputfile
------ DES Encrypt/Decrypt Tester in Java ------
Product: XEM6310-LX45
Device firmware version: 1.8
Device serial number: 13420001WK
Device ID: Opal Kelly XEM6310
FPGA configuration failed.

Please open a support ticket for this ( Your firmware version (1.8) is very old and may need to be updated.

Have already a ticket opened at below.

Please update. Thank you.