configureFPGA issues

I have an extensive GUI in Matlab, version, that uses the opal Kelly okFrontPanelDLL.h and XEM3005 (front panel version 3.0.8), without any issues. I have recently had a requirement to change the configuration bit file in the FPGA during the operation of the Matlab GUI and I have been unable to accomplish this task. At the beginning of my Matlab GUI I load a bit file and it seems any other [ok_HDL_load,voidPtr,HDLfile]=calllib(‘okFrontPanel’,‘okUsbFrontPanel_ConfigureFPGA’,xptr,‘path_to_bitfile’); call simply is ignored.

Any tips on how to load up a new FPGA configuration without having to cycle power on the XEM3005 using Matlab?


I have been working with the front panel for a week or so. But still I have not make it work with Matlab.
Can some one give me a sample or any suggestions?
Here is my code:
if ~libisloaded(‘okFrontPanel’)
loadlibrary(‘okFrontPanel’, ‘okFrontPanelDLL.h’);
% Create a device structure:
xid.ptr = 0;
xid.serial = ??;
xid.deviceID = ??;
xid.major = 0;
xid.minor = 0;
% Construct an XEM3001v2 and open the first device:
xid.ptr = calllib(?okFrontPanel?, ?okFrontPanel_Construct?);
[ret, x] = calllib(?okFrontPanel?, ?okFrontPanel_Open?, xid.ptr, 0);
[xid.major, x] = calllib(?okFrontPanel?, ?okFrontPanel_GetDeviceMajorVersion?, xid.ptr);
[xid.minor, x] = calllib(?okFrontPanel?, ?okFrontPanel_GetDeviceMinorVersion?, xid.ptr);
[x, xid.serial] = calllib(?okFrontPanel?, ?okFrontPanel_GetSerialNumber?, xid.ptr, ? ?);
[x, xid.deviceID] = calllib(?okFrontPanel?, ?okFrontPanel_GetDeviceID?, xid.ptr, ? ?);
here is what I get:
(1)on the 2nd line below construct and open the first device, i get an error: method not found.
(2) I get nothing with following lines of codes.
Can someone can help?

Thanks very much

okFrontPanel_Open is not a method provided by the DLL.