Configuration for FC5 linux


Attached is how to set up for FC5.

FC5.txt (1465 Bytes)


Thanks! We’ll likely include something like this in our next release.


Great. It would also be quite efficient to release the source for linux. This makes it better for all and we can fix the bugs and submit back to you. You will benefit. Everyone will benefit. The main thing to keep in mind is that hotplug is old news. It was that way in FC3. It happened to work because they hadn’t removed it yet. The udev system is better. You need one rule file in udev. It doesn’t have to run that chmod command when you plug in. You can just run one command initially to set up. I had to attach the instructions because this editor does funky things with lines of real code. Any suggestion how to fix that behavior?


With vBulletin, you can typically put code between code and /code blocks. (which are supposed to have square brackets around them) In the editor, there is a pound (#) sign that will do so for you.

For example, 
  This is code between blocks.


Just as a note to other users that may use this file: The comment at the end of the attached file says that “it is expected that Opal Kelly will soon make the source available for FrontPanel”

We have never made such a claim nor do we have any such plans.