Computer can not recognize and load bit file into XEM3005

I have XEM3005 board.

I power the board with 3.3V and 1.2V DC power supply. I also connect ground into it.
I have installed driver “FrontPanel-Win-3.0.11.exe”. I am using WindowXP.
My computer can not recognize the board, and I also can not load FPGA bit file into it.
Could I check if this driver is compatible with my board?

Could any want tell me where to downlod driver for XEM3005

The screen show that : FPGA configuration failed : Done did not go high

Please click this link to show my screen snapshot

Are you using one of our pre-made bitfiles?

Is the switch in the “USB” position?

oh, it is solved. I did not switched to USB configuration. Thank you very much