Compiling counters vhdl


when I open the counters vhdl project file in my WebPack 7.1 and try to compile it I get:

Started process “Synthesize”.

================================================== =======================

  • HDL Compilation *
    ================================================== =======================
    Compiling vhdl file “C:/Programme/Opal Kelly/FrontPanel/XEM3001v2/Samples/PipeTest/VHDL/…/…/…/Xilinx/okLibrary.vhd” in Library work.
    Architecture arch of Entity okhostinterface is up to date.

================================================== =======================

  • HDL Analysis *
    ================================================== =======================
    ERROR:HDLParsers:340 - “C:/Programme/Opal Kelly/FrontPanel/XEM3001v2/Samples/PipeTest/VHDL/…/…/…/Xilinx/okLibrary.vhd” Entity does not exist in library .
    ERROR:Xst:1867 - Entity not found, Recompile it.

Total memory usage is 85700 kilobytes

Number of errors : 2 ( 0 filtered)
Number of warnings : 0 ( 0 filtered)
Number of infos : 0 ( 0 filtered)

ERROR: XST failed
Process “Synthesize” did not complete.

Has anybody seen that befor and can maybe help me out?

Thanks, Christian

ISE is looking for the okLibrary.vhd file. One problem with ISE is that it does not like paths with spaces in them. You should copy the Samples tree to a directory without spaces. That may solve the problem you’re having.

You may also want to explicitly place the okLibrary.vhd (and possibly the .ngc files) into your project directory. Of course, all of this is personal preference in how you like to setup your directories.