Compile with Impulse C



How can i find *.ngc files required to build Mendelbrot Example. I could find standard Opal Kelly modules located in the FrontPanel installation directory. But other set of *.ngc files couldn’t find. according to the tutorial those files should be inside /hw/ngc. but there is no such a directory called /hw/ngc in my Mendelbrot folder. please be kind enough to let me know ,are there special settings to generate /hw/ngc folder.




The ImpulseC CoDeveloper architecture was developed for FrontPanel 3 (it uses the Block Throttled pipes for streams). Since FrontPanel 3 is still in beta and hasn’t been fully released, we have not released anything through ImpulseC (they will be incorporating our Architecture in future releases hopefully).

If you want to beta test both our ImpulseC and FrontPanel 3 packages, email us at with the request. I assume you have an ImpulseC CoDeveloper package.