Compilation error for RAMTester on Ubuntu

I get an error whenever I try compiling RAMTester.cpp for XEM6310-LX150 using Makefile.lnx on Ubuntu 14.04.
I put both .cpp files, the pre-compiled bitfile and also the library in the same folder and try to compile it using:
make -f Makefile.lnx
and get the following error for every element in ErrorCode:

RAMTester.cpp:161:25: error: ‘OpalKellyLegacy::okCFrontPanel::ErrorCode’ is not a class or namespace
    ret = okCFrontPanel::ErrorCode::UnsupportedFeature;

It seems like the compiler cannot find it. Does anyone know what’s causing this and how to fix it?
Thanks in advance.

Which files do you have in the folder that you’re trying to build in? Also note that by default the Makefile.lnx that we provide looks for the library and header file in the “…/…/…/API” folder. This is to allow compiling each sample within their “CXX” folder, if you move files around you may need to adjust the “okFP_SDK” variable in the Makefile.

You may want to try running the make command in the CXX folder for RAMTester just to see if everything works in its default configuration.

I tired it again using the default folder. In the folder are: Makefile.lnx, mt_random.cpp, RAMTester.cpp and ramtest.bit. For the other location I also put and okFrontPanelDLL.h in the folder. It’s the same error in both cases.

I also had a similar error when I tried to compile the PipeTest sample, but I was able to fix it by including stdlib.h (it couldn’t find the exit command).

Little update,
I downloaded FrontPanel again extracted it directly at the Download location and compiled the samples. It worked without problems, it just caused a warning for the PipeTest sample.