Changes in API/Firmware broke my design!


We bought several XEM3001v2’s 5 years ago, and got our systems developed to a stable commercial state with version 1.2.5.

Recently we decided to upgrade our development systems to the latest, and migrate over to the DLL (from VC6 static lib). However, after trying several configurations of firmware, it is becoming apparent that our HDL might need redeveloping, which is not something we want to do.

Has something significantly changed over the last few years that is stopping our system communicating? Using the new DLL I can connect to the device, and program the FPGA, but it seems that my Pipes no-longer work.

Is there a configuration of API & Firmware that means we do not have to redevelop the HDL, but can use the DLL?

On a side note, The PipeTest sample does not seem to work. Perhaps the issues are related?

Was using: Win XP, Front Panel 1.2.5, VC++6, Static Lib
Now using: Win7, VS2008, FrontPanel 3.1.0


The changes that have come along since your older devices are described here:

Please review these two pages.

The updates that are required for your HDL are very trivial and shouldn’t take more than an hour or so. They involve some renamings and slight restructuring of the way endpoints and the host interface communicate. These changes evolved from the way the Xilinx tools evolved as well as our support for new FPGAs.

Thanks, I’ll give that a go then.