Change VID/PID on XEM3010



I am using the XEM3010 in a project. I need to change the Vendor ID (VID) and Product ID (PID) of the board, to avoid problems during numeration of the device. I have written my own device driver, so I want my PC to recognize the device as “my device” and not the XEM3010 board. Has anybody had any experience with this?

I have had a look in the datasheet of the Cypress cy7c68013A (FX2LP), but nothing is mentioned here. I also had a look at the cy7c68001 (SX2), and here the entire process is described. As I understand, the FX2LP is the SX2 USB transceiver, with a build-in 8051 microcontroller, so I guess it could work?

If anybody had any experience in this field, I would be VERY happy to hear from you!

Regards - Suun.


Please keep in mind that this is a violation of your license agreement with Opal Kelly. The VID/PID is part of the firmware which is licensed under the provision of non-modification, non-duplication, etc.


Ohh - I wasn’t aware of that.

To tell different XEM devices on a single system apart, am I allowed to change the device ID (DID) then? Or how is this done? Is there a serial number which can be read?

I will not use the FrontPanel API - I love to work with it, as it is very easy to get the communication up and running, but my system requires the use of a Linux kernel driver. This unfortunately means that I cannot use the API or the Linux static or dynamic libraries. Any help on how to change the DID, or how to read the serial number (if it exist) would be appreciated a lot!

Cheers - Suun.


Hi Suun-

Yes, each device has a serial number (programmed by us and not changeable by you). Each device also has a device ID (programmed by you). The serial number is used by the USB system to distinguish devices. Please see the FrontPanel User’s Manual and API reference for info on these.