Cannot use C# example

I’m trying to build an user interface for Xem6010 with C#. I use front panel 4.3.1 (I can’t use the latest version because for reasons I don’t know it doesn’t start on my machine) and microsoft visual studio 2013. I can’t compile DES example - the only avaliable for C# - because the compiler simply tells me that it doesn’t find “com.opalkelly.frontpanel” and then nothing works. If I change the name in opalkelly.frontpanel as in front panel manual example, it finds the library but it doesn’t find the functions…
what’s happening?
thanks for help

hello again
I’m sorry for the previous post… after changing “com.opalkelly.frontpanel” into “OpalKelly.FrontPanel” and after changing a couple of method’s names that were wrong the compiler’s happy. But I’ve got another message - now it’s the debugger - saying that …PINV.dll generated an exception… what does it mean?

Usually when a debugger throws an exception it will tell you which line generated the exception. Are you getting a more specific message?
As for the FrontPanel not starting issue, which operating system are you using?