Cannot reprogram XEM3010

I have a number of XEM3001 and a single XEM3010 board. I control them under linux using the python API.

For each of the 3001, I can close my app and restart it. The device responds properly.

The 3010 board requires a full power-down each time I close my application before I can connect to it again. Otherwise, I end up with USB time-out messages.

Is there anything specific I should be doing before closing my application to leave the board in a good state?

Are you connecting HI_MUXSEL, I2C_SCL, and I2C_SDA properly, as directed in the XEM3010 User’s Manual?

I’m an idiot.

It works fine now.

Great! Glad you’ve got it going now. Don’t feel bad, there’s a lot to keep track of.