Cannot load the okFrontPanel.dll in FP4.0.0

I tried to configure my xem3010 with the newly-installed Front Panel API 4.0.0 in C++

When the program tries to locate the the okFrontPanel.dll

if (FALSE == okFrontPanelDLL_LoadLib(NULL))
::wxMessageBox(_T(“Failed to load Opal Kelly dll.\n”));

the program failed to load the dll, even I put this dll in the same folder as my executable.

But it works fine with old version okFrontPanel.dll for my program written with FP API 3.0.

Can anyone explain why

Programming environment: win7-x64, MinGW gcc, wxwidget2.8 and FP API 4.0.0-x64

Did you ever solve this?

I have the same problem with the same environment.