Cannot load libFrontPanel-pinv.dll ! Need VS2010 runtime

This is just to let everyone know about a problem I finally fixed.

After writing a small application using the C# interface and performing my tests, I took the same application, along with libFrontPanel-pinv.dll and libFrontPanel-csharp.dll to another computer. I kept getting an exception thrown when I tried to instantiate the front panel (FPGA = new okCFrontPanel();), the exception saying it couldn’t find the libFrontPanel-pinv.dll even though it was sitting in the same directory as my application executable.

Finally … I found that the redistributable components of VS2010 must be installed. On my first computer, I had installed everything, including the samples … which installed the required dlls. On the second computer I only installed the drivers and copied the two frontPanel dlls. Then I installed the c# API. No luck. Then I installed the C++ API. No luck. Then I installed the samples … which installed the required components.

As a follow-up to help C++ users, this is a requirement of VisualStudio C++ applications, as well. The MS runtimes have been a general requirement for application developers for several years.

Not just any runtimes … I have VS2008 installed … the VS2010 runtimes are required. It’s easy enough to download the install.

Yes, of course. New VS version links new libraries to the executable, so the new compatible runtime will be required. This has been a well-accepted fact of life for VS users for many years, but it’s nice to have it mentioned here because many of our customers are not seasoned VS programmers. Thanks!