Can XEM3050 boards be used with version 4.0x Front Panel?

We have a number of XEM3050 boards that are configured to run version 3.x front panel stuff. Last summer, we bought some XEM5010 boards that were set up for version 4 Front Panel, so I installed it on my PC. Now I need to build some stuff to run on the XEM3050 boards, but it does not seem to operate now.

Do I need to upgrade the firmware on the XEM3050 boards to run version 4 Front Panel?

The 3050 boards show up in the Windows hardware screen under the USB devices, rather than the separate area that the 5010 boards show up in. Is this because I have an old DLL somewhere or is this related to the 3050 board firmware?

Bob Harbour


Yes, the XEM3050 you have will run fine with the latest software. There should be no firmware changes required. It is just a matter of updating the driver and your software.

Please see this page for more information:

FrontPanel 3.1 and 4.x use the same driver version that was updated to support 64-bit Windows. Version 3.0.11 is the older version.

The easiest way to get Windows to recognize the new driver is to connect your XEM3050, then install the latest software. But if you have the latest stuff installed, you can also use the Device Manager in windows to update the driver for any attached devices.