Can I use Sonnet HBA cards with this XEM6110?

I noticed that Sonnet PCIE extender cable adapter cards (one x1 card for PC, and another in Express Card for laptops) are widely available. Can these Sonnet cards be used with your 6110 module ? Or, do you have other vendor’s express card, or pc card adapter to recommend ? Thanks
mahengjie :confused:

You should be able to use these cards, but we have not tested them.

The PCIe slot extender is more expensive than ours, but should work just fine. If you try them out, please report back with your results!

About lowering the cost of PCIe/FPGA development, I have seen a company using HDMI cable/connector on their PCIe/FPFA demo board. I guess the advantage of doing that would be that PCIe-to-HDMI adapter cards are cheap, and easy to come by, and I suppose the cheaper HDMI cable have a similar bandwidth as that of a standard x1 PCIe cable.