Building PipeTest question

I am trying to build “PipeTest” in “Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition” with “wxWidgets 2.8.0” for Windows XP environment. However, I am getting the following compiler error:

C:\wxWidgets-2.8.0\include\wx/buffer.h(114) : error C3861: ‘_strdup’: identifier not found

It appears that the origin of the problem is in the following code

/* Almost all compiler have strdup(), but not quite all: CodeWarrior under Mac /
and VC++ for Windows CE don’t provide it /
#if defined(VISUALC) && VISUALC >= 1400
#define wxStrdupA _strdup
#elif !(defined(MWERKS) && defined(WXMAC)) && !defined(WXWINCE)
use #define, not inline wrapper, as it is tested with #ifndef below */
#define wxStrdupA strdup

in “wxchar.h”

Will greatly appreciate if anybody can suggest a solution.


You might get more mileage asking the wxWidgets folks: