Buffered Pipe & XEM3001v1


I’m trying to use the Buffered Pipes with FrontPanel v1.3.1, firmware 1.7 and an XEM3001v1 with no success. I’m using the DLL (dated 12/10/2005) with C# but I can only return 0xff. The non-buffered pipe works fine but I need the FIFO controls.

Do you have a ready to run demo with the buffered pipes and DLL that I could try? If at least the .BIT file is correct, I can mess with the C# to DLL interface to get something running.



From the DLL perspective, the buffered pipe and regular pipes are identical.

The buffered pipe is simply an okPipe connected directly to a FIFO. Our implementation uses modified FIFO code provided by Xilinx some time ago. The suggested way to do this now is by using the FIFO Core Generator in ISE 8.1i. Since this tool is now free to all, there is no reason to use our pre-compiled Buffered Pipe.

Note that the implementation leaves all the FIFO negotation to you. You need to provide other means (wires / triggers) to read the FIFO status flags and determine what to do.