BTPipeout issue (XEM6310)

Hi community,

I’m testing USB3.0 data throughput performance with XEM6310. Everything seems to work great but the moment I change the “okPipeout” to “okBTPipeout”, it stops working. I’ve verified that the ready signal toggle as intended, but the read output from the BTPipeout block never gets set. I checked the .ngc path multiple times to make sure it’s pointing to the correct path. I’m doing developments in Linux 14.04 and using C API to interface. When using BTPipeout test examples in the sample directory (PipeTest), it works as designed.

Any suggestions on what I can do? Thanks!

What do you mean when you say that the ready signal “toggles” as intended? The ready signal should be held high for as long as the FPGA is capable of transferring data.