Board solutions for multiple voltages generation

Dear community,

I am looking at using an Opal Kelly board for multiple voltage domains ASIC testing.

If I understood well the application notes, the only control available from the boards is the voltage level of the IOs (3.3/1.8/1.2V).

Does some of the boards offer programmable voltage sources (such as LDOs) and current references? Else could you recommend some extension boards to do the job?


What product are you referring to?

The XEM3001 and XEM6001 have fixed I/O voltages at 3.3v.
The XEM3010, XEM6010, and similar modules can have I/O voltages that are provided by the peripheral module.
The XEM7350 has a programmable voltage that is determined by the peripheral (IPMI EEPROM) or by Device Settings that you can write to NVRAM.