Block throttle pipeOut implementation

I have good luck implementing the wires and triggers and interfacing them with my own C# gui. However, I am having issues with the okBTPipeOut. When I assert the EP_READY line in my HDL code, I expect the EP_BLOCKSTROBE line to go high. I thought this line should be used as a trigger for the C# code to call readFromBlockPipeOut(…). However, EP_BLOCKSTROBE is never going high. Am I misunderstanding something here? I am leaving EP_READY high, and plan to leave it high throughout the entire block read. I am not positive what the grey portion means on your timing diagram but I assume it means it can stay low or high.[ATTACH=CONFIG]220[/ATTACH]

Any ideas?


Edit: Upon closer inspection, it seems that EP_BLOCKSTROBE goes high after readFromBlockPipeOut(…) is called. Is this the intended behavior?

BTPipeOut timing.jpg (52.3 KB)