BIGNUMBER okDigitDisplay

BIGNUMBER doesn’s seem to work with okDigitDisplay.

It works fine with okDigitEntry, all the way to 63 bits. Any hex entry in okDigitDisplay results in the display field being stuck at 0. This is version 3.0.9 of FrontPanel under Windows XP. Same behavior under Mac OS X.

Another good catch. Will fix…

Was this ever fixed? I’m running FrontPanel 3.0.9 on both Windows and Mac. The post of version 3.0.10 doesn’t mention anything about BigNumber and says that no changes were made for Mac.

Yes, this should have been fixed. Are you seeing errant behavior?

I see the digit display field stuck at zero when I try to use any hexadecimal number for max value (e.g., 0xffffffff). Windows and Mac OS X, FrontPanel 3.0.9.

We’ll take a look at this and see what’s up.