Beginner-how to connect devices to XEM3001?



I am trying to connect a DS92LV18 (SerDes) to the module. A datasheet for the DS92LV18 is at

I am new to connectting chips and other PCB devices to each other. I want to know how to physically connect to the module (without designing a custom PCB)? OpalKelly offers header pins… but do these headers go to anything else besides another OpalKelly module?

Is there a breadboard with 0.1" spacing that the module can connect to?

Are there pin-to-wire cables that can connect to the module and then I can connect a wire from the cable to a breadboard? In other words, is there a 0.1" pin that has a jumper wire on the other end? Or do I have to solder wires to the pin holes on the module?

Please suggest how to connect this device to the XEM3001 module?



You might want to take a look at Digi-Key (
) to get some ideas for ways you can connect to the XEM3001. Digi-Key and many others offer several interconnect pins and connectors that can be used.


Could you recommend some keywords to search under? DigiKey’s catalog is huge. Thanx