Athlon and Frontpanel


I have an Athlon based pc with USB 2.0 and 1.1 ports available. I can use Frontpanel to detect and connect to an XEM3010 and read/write the eeprom to set the pll. But when I try to download a bin file the download fails.

The XEM board downloads fine with with my IBM laptop and also a Dell laptop.



Hi Frank-

What is the OS? Windows XP?


Windows 2K with SP4. It still isn’t working but I’m up and running with an intel laptop running XP. It will be nice to know why it won’t work with the Athlon pc.


Hi Frank-

It is more likely an issue with Windows 2000. (we have a couple Athlon PCs here that work just fine) With Win2k, you may have more luck if you disable Asynchronous Transfers.

The asynchronous transfers increase throughput performance, but cause problems on some Win2k machines. It appears to be an issue with some of the USB host controller drivers, as not all are affected.

Unfortunately, the only workaround is to disable asynchronous transfers or to use WinXP. Some users report that you must disable asynchronous transfers from the beginning – that is, if you do any transactions with asynchronous transfers enabled, the device must be unplugged first. This is because Windows only “opens” a device once and keeps it open the entire time it is attached.