Are 64 bit drivers available?

I haven’t had any luck searching the forums on this topic. Is there a 64 bit windows usb driver available for these boards?


Not yet. We don’t have any release date available yet, but it is something we will support eventually.

Any update on 64bit support? 64bit vista is getting more and more available. I want to upgrade to 64bit since I got 4GB of memory and is wondering if the support is coming soon.


I’d also like to know if we’re any closer to 64-bit driver support. My development machine is 64-bit Windows XP and the test station that will eventually use this is going to be a Vista 64-bit machine.

Is there any way to trick XP-64 into seeing this board? This is a real sore spot for our development efforts.

In December, we posted a note in our Announcements forum requesting beta testers for the 64-bit release.

The beta period is now over and a new release is forthcoming. Please keep an eye on our Announcements forum for release details.