Application question



I have an application where I need to convert I2S (not I2C) data from an audio stereo A/D at 24 bits, 192 kHz into a format that can be transmitted over USB 2.0. I also need to send 16 bit, 48 Khz data to an I2S interface stereo audio D/A. In addition I need some general purpose I/O.

I looked at using the EZ USB FX2LP which would give me the speed but I am still stuck with the I2C conversion problem for both the A/D and D/A. That seems like a good job for a FPGA. That is how I found your website and product.

Does this application sound doable with the XEM3001?





Yes, this can be done quite effectively with the XEM. In fact, we have done this for one particular client in a couple different products.