Altium Designer - Programming PROM on XEM3010

Hi all,

I’m trying to get that board to run in the field. I program PROM memory (XCF08P) in Altium Designer 10 using JTAG adapter but after the power-up the FPGA doesn’t get programmed. I choose create PROM file and then choose generated file (*.mcs) and download it to the PROM. After that I power cycle and … nothing. The FPGA doesn’t start. I can program FPGA (so the JTAG chain works). Jumper J1 is opened. Is there some special procedure to program PROM?


There’s a brief procedure outlined in the XEM3010 User’s Manual for programming the PROM.

I did everything as described in the manual (jumper J1 open) but still without luck. PROM Programming ( via Altium JTAG programmer) seems to be successful but after power cycle the FPGA doesn’t get reprogrammed. Maybe there’s someoen who used AD with those boards?