Alpha XML FP component

Aside from my normal use of OK modules I also use them as a learning platform for my students.
I am doing this in the framework of an introduction for these students to embedded systems for space sciences use.
As a start, I am showing them how to control different sensors and actuators with FP XML controls. Then the goal is to build a somewhat autonomous remotely controlled rover with these controls and sensors as real world interfaces.

All is convenient except that when I want to control a GPS, nothing exists in FP to output a string of characters to the screen. I see that in the last FP version, there is something to input KB characters. But what is lacking is the same in the opposite direction. I see this as a field with a given number of ASCII characters that would enter new characters at the right and exit extra ones at the left. Data and strobe would be given by wireout and triggerout blocks. Display rolling speed and storage could be easily controlled inside the FPGA with a fifo.

Of course, this is doable in high level languages but It adds a PC programming aspect that makes the task out of reach for the students. Looking at basic GPS strings before trying to parse them in HDL is a must for a beginner.

I am quite sure this XML control would be quite useful for many people who want to display something else than numbers under XML controls.