All 16bits not getting updated on FRONTPANEL display


Hi ,

   I am new to Opal Kelly.Recently I downloaded the new version of
   FrontPanel v1.2.1.
   I wrote a simple program of counter.I have attached files of the program.

   Only 8 bits out of the 16 bits of the counter are getting updated on the FrontPanel ""okHex" display.Same case with the "okLED" displays.

Can u please tell me where I am going wrong.

Santosh (7.6 KB)


Hi Santosh-

Where did you get the .ucf file that you included with your project? It only has the HI_DATA[7:0] mapped. The surprising thing is that the top of the file reads “XEM3001v2 - Xilinx constraints file”. All of these files should have HI_DATA[8…15] mapped, too.

If this is a mistake in the distribution, please let me know which file needs to be fixed!