Adjusting Vadj on XEM7350


I have anXEM7350 and want to adjust the Vadj going to the FMC-HPC. In the manual it is mentioned as doable. But I could not figure out how. Frontpanel has no interfaces regarding this.


In an ideal world, your FMC device reports the voltage it requires to the XEM7350 using the IPMI EEPROM per the VITA 57.1 specification.

But some FMC device manufacturers skip this step and don’t provide such information to the carrier. In this case, you’ll need to use the FrontPanel Device Settings APIs to set the voltage yourself according to the XEM7350 User’s Manual.

There’s an example of doing this here:

Go to Device API > Device Settings API

Thanks. I got it now. There is no panel in the Frontpanel for this so I needed to change it by the functions provided in the API as described in the manual or the example you provided… You set VADJ settigns once an it becomes persistent.