Achieving perfect match between the XEM3010 and its motherboard


What drill size do you specify for the positioning holes of the BTE-040-01-F-D-A connectors of the BRK3010 board?

The Samtec data sheet specifies 0.04" holes which we use in our motherboards. This leaves free play in the positioning of the connectors which result in less than perfect fit between the XEM3010 and the motherboard.

Any manufacturing hint for achieving perfect match between the XEM3010 and its motherboard will be greatly appreciated.



Hi kamtsa-

Our BRK3010 specifies a 1.02mm drill for the alignment holes. However, in most cases, it is really the surface tension of the solder during reflow that centers this sort of part.

The alignment holes are good for initial placement, but they are generally loose enough to allow the device to ‘float’ a little in place.

Although we don’t mate all our BRK’s before shipping, we haven’t had any customers report mismatches. We do, however, build test boards and mate each XEM3010 to that test board for testing before shipping. We do the same for our XEM3005.