Accessing from Virtual PC on a Mac


I’m running XP under Virtual PC on a Mac (G5). The driver registers correctly, and the device is detected fine in FrontPanel. However, when trying to load the configuration file, it doesn’t seem to work. Sometimes the progress bar gets to about 1/2 way, but mostly the status bar just says “Downloading…”.
The 8 leds / 4 buttons don’t seem to respond, so I’m assuming the config failed.

One thing that might be relevant, is that VPC seems to think the XEM board is plugged into a USB1.1 port (it isn’t) and can’t see any USB 2.0 ports. I thought this would mean everything on the XP side defaulting back to USB 1.1 – does the firmware/device cope with 1.1? I’ve tried playing with the Wire Update Rate, but this doesn’t make a difference (is this the download rate?).

The windows driver is version: 1.3.375.

I realise this isn’t a standard config, but am trying to avoid buying a PC just to use the XEM from my Mac.

Thanks for any ideas / info…


Further investigation shows that VPC emulates USB 1.1 only – does the XEM driver support 1.1 as a fallback?


Hi there. I’m sorry, but I can’t really speak for VPC on a Mac. The XEM will work just fine on USB 1.1 systems, though transfer rates will, of course, be reduced. I can also say that it works fine on VMWare under Linux and Windows operating systems, but this is somewhat of a different beast.



OK - checked the board on an old-ish XP laptop, with only 1.1 on it – it works fine. Hmm, must be something odd in the USB emulation/layers in VPC or the Mac is confusing it (latter unlikely I think). I’ll go post on the VPC list, see if anyone has ideas…

Thanks anyway.