About Linux Support


I compiled my program with “okxem.a” in linux fedora core 2 environment.
but some problems occurs.

Open() and IsOpen(), GetDeviceCount() functions work properly.
but ConfigureFPGA() and others are not work returning false.
(even IsFrontPanelEnabled() returns false)

I don’t know what’s the problem…
I need help… :confused:

My Programming environment is FC2, gcc-3.3.3, wxGTK-2.6.1



At the moment, the Linux library is built on libusb. Unfortunately, libusb is currently in the midst of a complete rewrite and the known problems that cause some of the issues you’re seeing are not high priority for the libusb folks.

Some of our Linux users have reported good success with Gentoo. FC3 and FC4 have some problems with GetSerialNumber and a few others. Because of the dozens of Linux distributions, it is impractical for us to thoroughly support them all at the moment. We will likely be removing our dependence on libusb, but this will take some time.

It would help to know your (and other users’) need for Linux support and which distributions you work with.