About Front panel tutorial part III


According to Front panel tutorial, it is instructed to use RAMB16_S9_S36 ram_I. As i know port A of RAMB16_S9_S36 ram_I is 8 bit wide. Following command is used in the example program to write data to FPGA ,
okUsbFrontPanel_WriteToPipeIn(dev, 0x80, 2048, buf);

so FPGA block ram cant accept 16 bit data which comes through usb. FPGA block ram always misses size of 8 bit data. because of this problem DES encription/decription gives wrong output(miss some data).

if i use RAMB16_S18_S36 ram , this problem can be avoid.is there any way to avoid this problem by using RAMB16_S9_S36 ram_I as per tutorial. please be kind enough to let me know the size of pipeI_data reg use d in the tutorial.