A new burst mode for rafale transfer?


That is, the convenience of having multiple pipe in / pipe out connections as well as wire and trigger capability provides considerable convenience, if at some sacrifice in performance

Do you plan to create a mode where the triggers are desactivated and where there is a single pipe (in or out) going at maximum speed ? I plan to use an ADC 16bits@10Mhz(~160Mbits) and I want to store its record on the HD of a PC. I have to find a board that can handle such a bandwith. You seem to be very near from that performance ?

Do you think that you can add a specific fonction that enables this rafale transfer mode. I see many people using such board to control HD, video. For myself, I do vibration analysis. I should use such boards for interfacing each probe to the pc.

Perhaps, you haven’t thaught to such applications when you designed the board. For two months I look at all the boards on the market around the www. I have studied the full web site of national instrument
. The sole usable peripheral they propose is a parallel port of 32bits@20Mhz. The price :slight_smile: 2000$, and you have to plug it in a pci port, I mean you can not use this board with you laptop. A wonder when you have to make measurements outside of your lab :frowning:

Your board is an entirely new solution for me. And for other like joebre I think. The fpga allows to manage the transmission, create packet and easily manage the usb transfer. When I have other chipsets (amplificator, clock generator) I can use the other wires to program them… It is very handy AND cheap


Hello and thanks for the suggestion-

We are always working to improve performance and functionality. At this moment, however, nothing is currently planned, although we are considering several possible options.