40 pin Header for BRK7010

I want to buy the 20x2 = 40 pins male header (HDRM-2MM-20X2) for my XEM7310 breakout board BRK7010.
If I want to buy it only from Opal Kelly, the shipping cost is even more than the product cost.

I was wondering, is this male header exclusive to Opal Kelly only or I can find it in any other vendors?

Besides, I want to design a PCB which will connect to the two BRK7010 40-pin female holes (JP1, JP2). But I can not find the measurement of the pitches of those holes, for example: distance between two consecutive holes, diameter of the holes (perhaps 2mm) etc.

Could you please help me out by providing the specifications of the JP1, JP2, JP3 and JP4 connectors to replicate in the PCB?