1.8V input possible



if I understand the XEM3001V2 User’s Manual correctly, the Vcco is 3.3V.
Is there any chance to correctly receive 1.8V signals (Inputs, no outputs)?
Which XilinX IO Standards would apply then?

I’m not sure that it’s possible at all after looking into the Spartan-3 Handbook …

Has anyone a solution?



The only possibility for this is to use an external level translator. The Maxim MAX3023, for example, provides bidirectional level translation down to 1.2v and up to 100Mbps.

Jake Janovetz


Thanks Jake,

I’ll give that a try. :slight_smile:



Have anyone sucessfully used an MAX3023 with the XEM?
I am also in the need of 1.8 V I/O and have looked at the MAX3023 circuit but I feel it is a bit hard to do surface mount soldering for all bits I need in my prototype. Have you seen any other solution with a little bit more friendlier connectivitity?