New Python API


Hi folks-

Attached, please find a new Python API to try. This should fix the issues with pipes. An example to write 2 words would be (note the lack of a “length” parameter):

xem.WriteToPipeIn(128, dbuf)

Then, to read 100 words:

dbuf = "\x00"*200
xem.ReadFromPipeOut(160, dbuf)

Please let us know if this fixes the problem for you. We will be releasing a DESTester version in Python shortly. (0 Bytes)


Attached is the DESTester application written for Python. The usage is the same as the Java and C/C++ version. You will need to have the FPGA bitstream file (destop.bit) in the same directory as this script because the script configures the FPGA on each run. (0 Bytes)



For some reason, I can’t access the Python API files - every time I get a 0 length file.

On a related note…

Any chance you’ll release the new FrontPanle 1.2.5 for linux? The link in software downloads goes to some exe file…

In the old Python API (1.2.1), Trigger bits 15-8 seem inactive. Would that be related to the masking issue (“Only 8 out of 16 bits gets updated in Python”), and do you think the new API fixes it?



Hm. I get the same problem with the attachment. Perhaps it got lost with our server move last month. Please try this attached version. It should fix the mask problem you noted.

The Linux API will be reworked shortly and I’ll post back here when we get some further information on that. (22.0 KB)



I’m looking for DESTester sample written for Python.

I couldn’t find any from FontPanel SDK and your link is not working.

Where can I find other samples for Python?


The Python code for the DESTester sample can be found in the DES Sample folder found in the installation directory. This is typically found at C:\Program Files\Opal Kelly\FrontPanelUSB\Samples\DES on Windows. If the Python script is not there you may need to update your version of FrontPanel.