XEM7360 Step File


Hi all,

I tried importing the downloaded step file from XEM7360 as altium 3D model but this doesn’t work. Also with other step viewer and solid edge, I was not able to open the downloaded model. Did anybody manage to succesfully use the step model? Thank you!

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Hello Guy,

I’m able to import the XEM7360 STEP file into Altium with no issues. I’m using AD version 16.1.12, and I’m importing as a generic 3D model using the “File” option. Have you tried these settings?


Hello Nick,

Thank you for your fast reply. I’m working with AD version 16.1.10 and both tried importing as a generic 3D model using the “File” option as well as “embedded” (Load from File…) and both give the message that the model cannot be opened. Also in step viewer and solid edge the model doesn’t open. I tried to download and unzip on another computer but again same issue. Anyways, if you were able to use it, the step model should be OK.

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