Using libusb (win32 port)


Hi ,
is it possible to use the libusb win32 port (instead of provided libs) to operate the board ?
Thanks for reply


Not currently. Why would you want to do this?


to reduce latency (or try to )


Actually, the current release-level of libusb does not support asynchronous USB transfers as our driver does. The next version (1.0) due out whenever they finish it does.

That’s why our Linux rates (around 14-16MB/s) are lower than our Windows rates (around 30MB/s to and 20MB/s from the XEM).


Well , the established rate are already good but what i’m adressing is latency i.e minimum delay between , say , 2 wire outupdate or wire Ins update.


Unfortunately, that’s an OS/USB-imposed limitation on how many of those transactions may occur per second (and how much bus bandwidth they are allowed to consume).