Support for Modelsim version PE Student 10.0a?

@ O-K or anyone
I am wondering if the XEM simulation models are available for the free Modelsim PE student 10.0a ? Thanks

The FrontPanel 4.x releases all include HDL sources. So just about any HDL sim should work.

I’ll download the 4.xx library, and give it try.
The old 3.xx library is incompatible with the Modelsm PE student edition 10.0a.

where can I download a FP4.xx Simulation Library ? I had it in the past, but lost it during pc upgrade. Thanks

is this company still in business ?

Is which company still in business? Opal Kelly? Yes, we are very much in business.

But you’re posting to our community forums which are generally to be used for community support. We do check them somewhat often, but our primary support path is through

You can download the software through the online forums – click on “Downloads” at the top under our logo.