Help with Linux installation of FrontPanel


I downloaded FrontPanel 1.3.1 and followed instructions found in readme.txt, which were basically to

  1. copy opalkelly* to /etc/hotplug/usb, give permissions,
  2. for Java API: copy to java.library.path,
  3. add okjFrontPanel.jar to CLASSPATH.

At this point, should I be able to run FrontPanel? When I try to do that, I get the following error -
./FrontPanel: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Am I missing something? Are there any more steps? Can somebody help me with it?

Thanks very much,


What Linux distribution are you running?


I’m running Fedora Core 1.



That would be a likely problem. We build the application and API on FedoraCore 3, so any libraries required will need to be up to that level.


Thank you.