Deallocation error


I have a Linux program that loads the FPGA by calling ConfigureFPGA() and so far it works well.

When I enable the run time checks of the C++ heap allocator we are using, I get the following fatal error from within ConfigureFPGA():

“memory allocation/deallocation mismatch at 0x85be010: allocated with new ] being deallocated with new”

It seems that somewhere within ConfigureFPGA (or it dependents) a memory block that was allocated as an array is freeed as a single item.

Resolving this issue will allow me to compile and test with runtime checks enabled.





Anybody had a chance to look into this issue?

This problem prohibit me from using all the goodies of our ‘debug’ development environment.




Hi Kam-

This bug has been fixed and will be in the FrontPanel-3 release due in January.



I appreciate it.