Communication PowePC FPGA


Hello everybody.
I’m studying the viability of using pattern matching on an FPGA.
My VHDL code runs ok in Simulation: it takes characters from a file.
I need to execute this into an FPGA and communicating with the PowerPC, but I don’t know how to take characaters from the file.
Anyone can help me, please?
Thanks a lot.



I would use the C++ API and read the file in over the USB as series of char. Then store them on the FPGA in what format you need. You can use the C++ command hostonetwork or networktohost

if the bytes are getting swapped.


Hi phil126,

My problem is that I don’t know how to continue. In other words, with my VHDL code (that I’ve tested in ISE Simulator) I should be able to put them into FPGA and execute it, taking characters from a file.
My FPGA is a XUP Virtex-II Pro.