Can frontpanel communicate to Modelsim?


I’m looking to simulate my entire design in modelsim and need the ability to have frontpanel communicate to modelsim. Is it possible to set up my modelsim simulation to interface with frontpanel directly? I’m able to create a stimulus in modelsim to test WireIn and WireOut in VHDL, but I would also like test these cores from my frontpanel GUI. Anyone know how I can do that?



Are you referring to something different than the FrontPanel Simulation libraries included in the SDK and documented in the FrontPanel User’s Manual?

Yes, I would like to run my frontpanel GUI and modelsim simulation simultaneously, and view the communication between frontpanel and DUT.

Ah. The FrontPanel GUI cannot communicate through Modelsim. You will need to use the API simulation commands in your Modelsim test bench.

While this is an interesting idea, it’s mostly impractical due to the disconnect between simulation speeds and real-time interaction speeds of a GUI. The simulation would run so slow in relation to the GUI that I’m not sure what you’d be able to do with this.