Beginner question

I’m interesting in the XEM3001 kit

nevertheless I do not understand how I can translate the vhdl code into the board. Do I use a software made by xilinx, do I have to download your software or do I buy something ?


Yes, you will need the Xilinx ISE tools to do the HDL synthesis for you. Our tools are designed to allow easier communications between the FPGA and PC environment.

Using our FrontPanel software, however, you can download the final bitfile (produced by the Xilinx tools) to the FPGA.

I should also mention that the Xilinx ISE WebPack tools are available for free from the Xilinx website. These tools fully support the XC3S400 on the XEM3001.


Do you have particular prices for educational program. This is the school I worked for : school of engineering specialized in electronic. Nevetherless I’m only a computer scientist teacher trying to exploit usb2 bandwidth.

Unfortunately, we do not offer any educational discounts at this time.

What is the estimated delay for a delivery to france ?